Maintenance Treatment

Maintenance Treatments

These are recommended when there someone that has a history of regular, similar problems. Here is a typical example.

Patient A comes in with acute pain to the lower left back, buttock, with some mild sciatica down the left hamstring to the back of the knee. On questioning, this turns out to be the third episode in the last year. The last two episodes took 2-3 weeks to resolve. This one has lasted for 4 weeks already. In the last 2-5 years the problem was occurring 1-2 times a year and was resolving after 4-7 days. It all started +/- 10 years ago whilst playing tennis or laying down some paving slabs in the garden. Pain levels as well as frequency are increasing. Healing time is increasing.

This is such a common scenario. In this case the person is suffering from quite intense back pain for 8-12 weeks in the year. Very annoying and disabling. In a case like this I would recommend ( usually ) 2-4 treatments to get better initially, then perhaps a treatment 1 month after, then 2 months after, then perhaps 2-4 treatments per year. THE FEWEST POSSIBLE TO CONTROL THE SITUATION.

The frequency would depend on the person involved. IF, by changing certain things ( lifting posture, walking more, tightening up abdomenal muscles, using a back support etc etc  ) the person can help themselves, then fewer treatments would be involved. IF, things cannot be changed then we try to work out how many treatments are necessary to stay on top of things.

Some people are in the lucky situation where they have

1/ lots of money or

2/ an insurance policy which pays for a certain amount of treatments every year.

These people are more likely to have a monthly or every 2-3 monthly treatment IF they find it useful.

Maintenance treatments ARE NOT SUGGESTED to the people who just pull, strain a body part every 1, 2 or 3 years. In these cases I advise that after hurting themselves they should rest, take anti inflammatories and see if this can resolve the situation. Only if they think that this approach is not working OR the pain is more than usual do I suggest they come in to be seen.